A-11B Trainer

A-11B Trainer in 1/48 scale


"The AMX is a ground-attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. It was built until 1999 by AMX International, an Italian-Brazilian joint venture, and is designated the A-1 by the Brazilian Air Force. Kit features engraved panel lines, well appointed tandem cockpit, segmented canopy, intake turbine face and afterburner, boarding ladder, separate trailing edge slats and flaps, detailed wheel wells and optional undercarriage with rubber tires, armament (underwing fuel tanks (x2), missiles and rockets (M117 (x2), Mk.82-Snakeye (x2), GBU-12 (x2), AIM-9L (x2), AIM-9P (x2)), photo-etch (canopy accents, seatbelts and interior). Decals and 4-view painting reference for (2) aircraft: 2-10, 14 Gruppo, 2 Stromo and 32-40, 13 Gruppo, 32 Stromo - includes stencil data, weapons data and cockpit interior.

A-11B Trainer
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