Russian KAMAZ 4310 Truck

Russian KAMAZ 4310 Truck in 1/35 scale


Plastic model kit of the Kamaz 4310 Truck, general utility truck produced since 1980, it is a militarized version of commercial vehicle. Since its introduction the KamAZ-4310 become the work horse of the Soviet military.

Kit has multi-part frame, detailed drivers compartment, (x3) bucket seats, separate inner doors, filigree windshield wipers, detailed exterior, YaMZ-740 10.85-liter V8 diesel engine, transmission, gas tanks, exhaust system, detailed driveline with rubber tires (includes spare with rack), wood textured bed and side rails, (x3) metal shafts, full piece canvas textured tarp, mud guards, die-cut mask, transparent (windshield, windows and lights), photoetch (brackets, latches, rails and bed accents).

Decals and 5-view color painting guide for (3) vehicles - includes dash panel gauges.

Russian KAMAZ 4310 Truck
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