North American P 51-D Mustang

North American P 51-D Mustang in 1/48 scale


Plastic model kit of the P 51-D Mustang, Britain's most pressing need was for aircraft and in 1940, the British Purchasing Commission approached US aircraft manufacturer North American Aviation, to produce license-built Curtiss P-40 fighters for the RAF. Slightly indignant at the prospect, North American officials proposed to build a totally new aircraft for the Royal Air Force, which would be superior to the P-40 and more suitable for their needs.

Kit has recessed panel lines, detailed cockpit, single piece propeller with separate spinner, segmented canopy, detailed wheel wells and optional undercarriage, separate (rudder, aileron and flaps), Browning machine guns, bombs with cradles, T64 H.V.A.R rockets with racks.

Decals and color painting reference for (2) United States Army Air Force: Little Indian, 2nd Air Command Group, 10th Air Force, Kalaikunda, India 1945 and 44-15152, 'Jersey Jerk', Captain Donald Strait, 361st Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Group, Royal Air Force Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England 1945 - includes stencil data, Propeller data and markings, weapons data and markings.

North American P 51-D Mustang
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