British Archer Tank w/Self-Propelled Gun

British Archer Tank w/Self-Propelled Gun in 1/35 scale


Plastic model kit of the British SP Anti-Tank Gun Archer, a British self propelled anti-tank gun of the Second World War based on the Valentine infantry tank chassis fitted with an Ordnance QF 17 pounder gun. Used in North-West Europe and Italy during the war and post-war the Archer served with the Egyptian Army. It was very powerful but also very large and heavy and could be moved about the battlefield only by a vehicle, which made the gun more effective in defence than in the attack.

Kit has multi-part frame with exterior detail, drivers interior, open top fighting compartment with detailed interior, three-full unassembled figures (Commander, gunner and loader), detailed gun shield, single piece 76.2mm gun barrel with detailed (mantlet, breech, recoil mechanism, recuperator, controls, operation handles and more), shells and racks, smoke dischargers, Bren light machine gun, front and side armor plate with interior, periscope, separate on-vehicle tools and equipment including (storage tool boxes w/bolt and latch detail, radio and much more), detailed suspension (boogies, road wheels, sprockets, idlers, track links and lengths), transparent (head lights, vision ports and periscope).

Decals and markings for (2) tanks: 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, North-West Europe, early 1945 and 7th Anti-Tank Regiment, Polish II Corps, Italy, early 1945.

British Archer Tank w/Self-Propelled Gun
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