M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' US Medium Tank

M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' US Medium Tank in 1/35 scale 

The M4 Sherman, officially the Medium Tank, M4, was the primary battle tank used by the United States and the other Western Allies in World War II, and proved to be a reliable and highly mobile workhorse, despite being outmatched by heavier German tanks late in the war. Kit features detailed exterior, multi-piece lower hull, separately molded turret and hatches, 76mm gun, M2 heavy machine gun, detailed running gear (rollers, idler wheels, individual track links, moving HVSS suspension),  transparent parts, photo-etched parts, optional muzzle brake, rear rack can be deployed or stowed, jerry cans and separately molded on-vehicle equipment. Also includes (4) figures (3 Riflemen and 1 Machine gunner, with separately molded weapons and equipment). Decals and markings for (5) vehicles: 5th Armored Div, Germany April 1945; 66th Tank battalion, 2nd Armored Div, Teuven, Belgium February 1945; 35th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Div, Bastogne, Belgium February 1945; 8th Armored Div, Kirchhellen, Germany March 1945 and 8th Armored Div.

M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' US Medium Tank
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